The beginning of summer – it’s time to think about the holiday season and settling a country house. Farmland also demands attention – it needed to plant flowers, to update the track. But do not forget to ensure your summer residence of comfortable and practical furniture that would be possessed to rest body and soul and at the same time blended harmoniously into the natural environment of the estate.

Nature abhors a vacuum

This year the interest of buyers to real estate sites out of town continued to grow. For some, purchased or built country houses and cottages are symbols of wealth and belonging to social groups with special status in society. Another difference is the price of urban and suburban real estate a chance to realize the dream of a spacious house or improve their living conditions without any cost: it is known that small-sized apartment in the city is sometimes worth as much as a good home for large families near the city. Others only in the open air can escape from their problems and therefore prefer to go after work to the country. The fourth is left flat on their grown up children and retire in a country house that has everything in order to comfortably enjoy the tranquility and fresh air …

In short, more people are seeking to nature, environmental cleanliness and spaciousness. It is logical that this trend has led to an increase in the number wishing to acquire practical furniture for a country house. All the furniture, which now will be discussed, can be divided into the following groups:
garden furniture, which will be operated under the open sky;
furniture gazebos, patios, porches open, that is, one that is under the canopy;
furniture for the house – it is in the room.

Each of these groups are claiming their furniture requirements – both in appearance and practicality. For example, garden furniture style should be in harmony with the landscape design. In addition, once the furniture is operated under the open sky, it should withstand any atmospheric phenomena, rain, snow or hail, and cold and heat. It must be so strong to stand up to any weather whims and do not deform and lose a presentable appearance.

All these requirements are fully met the wrought-iron furniture. As a rule, it has a graceful shape, made in the form of plant ornaments, and therefore perfectly suited for small gardens or parks, broken in spirit of the classics. Iron casting brings to the interior garden retromotivy and due to its delicacy, no visually heavier it. As for the practical properties of these things, then a special coating that provides corrosion protection forged furniture, making it, in general, forever. The disadvantage is necessary to carry a sufficiently large weight, because of what the wrought-iron furniture can not be called mobile. Also worth noting is that the relaxation and comfort with this furniture can not be expected: after all, sit on the metal, and the more lie is not very convenient. That’s why in addition to the wrought-iron furniture usually get blankets and soft foam cushions and mattresses, which after use must relate to the premises. In addition, you should choose the right platform on which will be available this furniture: for thin legs wrought chair easily go into the ground under the weight of a sitting, so under such furniture must lay a solid surface.

Compared with the heavy iron furniture, aluminum frame products to appear to be simply imponderable. Aluminum furniture requires no special care, it is stable, suitable for any weather and durable. Lightweight and durable aluminum coated with enamel in any color on a scale of RAL (color scale for a special choice of colors when painting metal) or decorate a wood structure. Garden furniture is also often buy teak main feature is its incredible ability to resist moisture. Moreover, the water is only teak wood is stronger. Items from this tree does not rot and can be year-round to stand outside in all weather conditions. Even under the snow and rain, teak does not lose an attractive appearance and maintain a pleasant texture, which is due to the dark, slightly wavy bands moving along the growth rings, similar to walnut.

To harsh weather conditions and little susceptible furniture made of stone. Stone benches, pedestals, tables (marble and granite), of course, decorate the garden of the executive class, inform guests about the welfare and good taste of the owner. It is worth mentioning as the mosaic and furniture which are made of metal frames and tiles consisting of natural stone chips on the polymer backbone. This furniture is also waterproof and suitable for permanent outdoor use.


For arbors, outdoor porches, terraces and roofs choose furniture with less stringent specifications, as it is protected from a lot of moisture and direct sunlight, the elements of design. However, for the winter vsetaki should remove such furniture in the room to extend its service life. Range of furniture for such conditions is quite diverse: will all the same teak furniture and wicker, plastic, pine.

The popularity of wicker furniture is now quite high. Used for weaving a variety of materials: rattan, banana leaf, sea algae, vine. In the course of attending any plastic material: elm, walnut, cane, straw, reeds, bamboo. Among these materials, the most famous and most enduring – rattan. Objects made of this material is well tolerated bad weather, do not crack or crack, they are not afraid of differences humidity. Good quality practical due to tropical plant origin (rattan – a climber) and the porous structure of the fibers of its timber.

Known domestic competitor rattan – wicker willow. It is largely inferior to rattan: it stems not uniform in diameter, so the furniture must be made of short fragments. Accordingly, it loses its strength and reliability. In addition, the willow vine, if it retain moisture, may crack. At the same time the furniture out of willow twigs not afraid of water and high temperature, which is why it can be used in baths and saunas. Vine light and airy, hygienic, has the ability to not attract dust. It is almost weightless, and therefore every permutation in her house even for a child. When the external fragility and grace of all things, woven from willow twigs, have great strength and durability. Time makes them even more charm, saturating rod noble, darker tones.

When choosing wicker garden furniture should pay attention to some details, showing a product. For example, wicker furniture should be covered with varnish. Lacquered furniture is pleasant to the touch, and much more durable items that do not have such coverage. An important indicator of the strength of wicker furniture is the quantity and quality of joints, so when selecting a product should carefully pay attention to the joints and the integrity of the weave.

Alternative woven subjects of economical plastic furniture. White plastic chairs that are often put in sidewalk cafes, a long time and are easily recognizable. However, in comparison with the past century, the range of plastic products has expanded greatly, and went on sale furniture in all shapes and colors. Plastic furniture is modern, practical, and elegant, functional. Made of polypropylene and it has the following advantages:
wide range of colors;
convenient and compact form of seats by tight attachment to each other;
light weight;
low price;
ease of assembly and disassembly;

Despite these important advantage, plastic furniture in some cases (for example, in the gardens of classical style) would look neorganichno too cheap and easy. But if you’ve decided to opt for plastic, it is better to buy furniture made of expensive fiber reinforced material. It is used for the frame steel or aluminum, which gives the product strength and stability. Furniture of metal does not require any maintenance: it does not rust, no cracks, no heat in the sun, does not require touch-up, easy to clean, ideal for use near water. Attractive appearance and a variety of models offered today will allow you to equip a garden in the same style.